Beyond the Line: The Art of Diana Cooper

On the occasion of Diana Cooper’s first solo museum exhibition, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, this volume features an unprecedented collection of the New York artist’s works on paper, “hybrid construction” wall reliefs and installations. In 2007 the entire Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland was devoted to a 10 year survey exhbition of Diana Cooper’s work. The museum published this 122-page color catalogue with an essay and entries on key works by Margo A. Crutchfield and an interview with the artist by author and art critic, Barbara Pollock. This first major monograph includes full color plates and multiple details.


The Drawing Book

Drawing has recently gained greater attention due to the prominence of contemporary artists who use it as a final medium of expression, rather than as a preliminary tool for sketching ideas. Edited by artist Tania Kovats, The Drawing Book positions drawing as an essential vehicle for creativity, reaching through the discrepancies between its uses by architects, artists and scientists for a deeper truth about the the nature of Drawing.The Drawing Book takes us on a journey through five themes — measurement, nature, the city, dreams, and the body. Each is richly illustrated with a diverse range of images, from the old masters — Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Dürer — through great Modernist pieces by Rodin, Picasso, Matisse, and on to the contemporary artists who are reviving drawing today. A new and unique approach to an age old medium

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Diana Cooper / Hew Locke

This catalogue has been published to accompany an exhibition of new commissions by Diana Cooper and Hew Lock at The Drawing Room, and marks the culmination of a partnership between The Drawing Room and the Centre for Drawing at Wimbledon School of Art. Dr Jon Wood’s essay examines in detail the working process of Cooper and Locke. Their tendency to use drawing to activate the divide between the second and third dimension is linked to the practice of their contemporaries and its historical legacy is unravelled.

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